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How to make lemon balm tea?



Lemon Balm Tea Recipe (Hot or Iced)

Lemon-balm tea is a well-known herbal tonic that offer a lot of health benefits.  This lemon-scented herbal tea not only tasty, it can uplift your spirits and help you to relax. Most important, steps to brew a lemon balm tea are simple and easy.


  • 2-3 tablespoons of fresh lemon balm leaves per cup of tea

         or 1-2 tablespoons of dried lemon balm leaves per cup of tea.

LB Tea1

  • Fresh water
  • Lime/ lemon juice (optional)
  • Fresh herbs like spearmint or hyssop (optional)
  • Natural sweetener such as honey, agave syrup or stevia
  • Ice or cold sparkling water (optional)



 1)  You can choose to use fresh lemon balm leaves or dried lemon balm leaves to prepare your lemon balm tea.

a)  Fresh Lemon balm leaves

Harvest lemon balms and then wash them thoroughly with cold water to remove dirt. Lift them up out of the water and repeat the wash for several times. Separate the leaves from the stems and pat them dry.

b)   Dried lemon balm leaves

After the washing/ cleaning process, you can either hang them outdoors for couple of days or lay them on a paper towel and bake them in the oven for around 25 minutes on a very low temperature.  When the lemon balms turn dark and crispy, pull the leaves from the stems. Crumble the dried leaves into a bag and store them in cool place.

2)    For fresh lemon balm leaves, bruise the leaves gently using a mortar and pestle.

3)    Place the leaves in a tea ball or just add them in the pot.

4)    Fill pot with water and boil it.

5)    Crush and stir the leaves gently with a wooden spoon.

6)    Add natural sweetener into the water and gently stir it.

7)   You may add in other optional flavors like drops of lemon/ lime juice or other fresh herbs like spearmint or hyssop).

8)    Let them steep for about 15 minutes with the lid half on.

9)    Strain the tea to separate out the leaves.

10)    If the tea is too strong, add a bit of water to thin it out.LB Strain Tea

11)    The hot lemon balm tea is ready to serve.

12)    If you want the tea to be served iced cold or chilled. Cool down the tea by put it in refrigerator.

13)    Afterwards add in ice or cold sparkling water.

14)    Sit back and enjoy!

Tips & Cautions

  • If you are pregnant or taking any medication, please consult with you doctor before consume.
  • Choose for organic lemon balm/ materials and get it from reliable source. Avoid additives and chemicals, choose for healthy eating habits.
  • Add in lime/ lemon or other fresh herbs to bring out the flavor and to enrich the nutrients.
  • You tea flavor will be more intense, if you steep them much longer.
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