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Is Lemon balm Safe or Harmful to Pregnancy?



Lemon Balm and Pregnancy

For centuries, lemon balm has been widely used to relieve pregnancy discomforts. However, there is a lot of disagreement on whether lemon balm is harmful or safe to consume during pregnancy. You might have a dilemma about deciding whether to use a lemon balm or not in pregnancy. The pros, cons as well as tips listed below will guide you to make your right decision.


  •  Many women encounter psychiatric disorders like anxiety, depression, irritability and insomnia during pregnancy. Lemon balm has the capabilities to promote sleep, to relax the body and to provide a calming effect help to reduce the uncomfortable pregnancy side effects.
  • Lack of reports associated with adverse outcomes in pregnant women after consuming lemon balm under normal conditions.
  • Lemon balm is a traditional herb used to support pregnancy. Generally, it will not be harmful if we use in moderation.


  • Insufficient scientific data for both non-clinical and clinical to confirm the safety of lemon balm.
  • Lemon balm often used as an emmenagogue to promote menstruation in women. It enhances the blood circulation and blood flow to the uterine area to regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle. This might poses the potential problem.  Some herbalists against the use of lemon balm even at low doses during pregnancy.
  • If the patient does not informs to their doctor on their herbal supplementation. It may cause the negative herbal/ drug interactions.
  • Consuming Lemon balm for long-term basic in concentrated doses might cause some side effects such as dizziness, vomiting, nausea and etc.


  • It is advisable to consult with an experienced doctor, midwife or herbalist on the safe use of herbs in pregnancy.
  • Take lemon balm in small culinary amount and not in concentrated doses. For example, drink lemon balm tea not more than 2-3 cups per day.
  •  Choose for organic and get it from reliable source. Buy from companies with good quality control and track records. Please ensure that the lemon balms are not added in with pharmaceutical additives. If you plant the lemon balms yourself, please ensure the lemon balms are not contaminated.
  • Not to consume lemon balm in continuously basic for prolonged period. Schedule for 3 weeks on to 1 week off is recommended.
  • Every person is different, and your body may react differently to lemon balm. If it doesn’t feel right for you such as disrupting of hormones, just stopped take it at all. We absolutely need to always stay on the safe side.
  • During the first trimester of pregnancy, the fetus is particularly vulnerable. Please try to avoid using any herbs.
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